Near the end of my Thanksgiving break, I went on a trip to Minnesota for a couple of days. It was my mom’s idea to go, so the first thing that came to mind was, “what’s there!?”, the same thing what my friends asked me. Turns out the biggest mall in America, named “Mall of America” was located very close to Minneapolis, in Bloomington about a couple of miles away from the St. Paul Minneapolis International Airport.

The flight took off early Black Friday morning at 6:30 ish, and lasted about 3 hours. We got to stay in first class which was my first time. We got good food and generally more attention than coach passengers. With the time zone change, it was as if it was a 5 hour flight (because MN is two hours ahead of SF). We (as in me, my mom and siblings) stayed at a nearby hotel that was literally in front of the mall, only about several minutes walk away, but it was freezing here in MN so a shuttle would take us to and from the mall and hotel. I didn’t get much sleep prior to the flight or on it so I was tired when we arrived at the mall. After being dropped off and entering the massive building, it was not what I imagined when I thought of this mall. There were shops, stairs, people, food places, decorations, so much stuff to see and do. We started by going towards the center of the mall, which is the Nickelodeon amusement park. It has plenty of different kinds of rides, rollercoasters, dropping and spinning ones, kid rides, and interactive ones, as well as an arcade. I rode a few of the rides, but got a bit dizzy on them which doesn’t usually happen to me. On the rides I didn’t go on I let the others go ahead while I watched the stuff we brought. On Friday we didn’t ride too many rides, but we toured around the mall to get familiar with it. The mall has four floors with more than 500 stores and many restaurants to eat at. For dinner we ate at a Ruby Tuesday. You can check out more pictures from my trip here.

Mall of America Entrance

Mall of America's Aquarium  The “Mall of America” has an aquarium on the lower level. It has a variety of marine life to see, along with a touch pool at the end. Very nice underwater tube path seen here. There is also a moving walkway seen at the bottom right on the floor, but it wasn’t on when I took this picture.

Mall of AmericaThis picture shows the maze of stairs, bridges, and stores in the biggest mall in America.

Mall of America - Food CourtOne of the food courts in MOA. This one was less crowded than the other one on the other side of the mall. I only discovered this place at the end of our first day.

Mall of AmericaVery tall Christmas tree in the stage area of the mall.

On Saturday, we basically rode rides for most of the day. Also we checked out many of the shops of the mall. This mall is so massive (to me) that usually while wandering around in one place that we were at before, we would notice some store we didn’t see. This happened a lot as we kept on jumping floors before making a full circle on any floor. Two days isn’t enough to explore this mall.

On early Sunday morning, we were shuttled back to the airport to return to SFO from the hotel. Our flight left at approximately 7:05am and we arrived at SFO at about 8:30am local time. The flight time was more than three hours but we went “back in time” two hours thanks to the time zone change. I ate at a Jollibee for lunch before getting home and sleeping the weekend away for class the next day.

Overall the trip was fine. I had some jet lag which made me feel a bit crappy when flying to MN, but what also contributed was the lack of sleep I got before the initial flight. I didn’t sleep at all, not because I have a sleeping disorder, I just had a lot to do beforehand. A suggestion before flying, get proper sleep. The lack of sleep made it harder to have the energy I would usually have. The weather in MN is cold this time of the year because (obviously) its winter time and located in the central northern part of the states. There wasn’t much to complain about of the weather, but I hate dry air. Dry air is a concern for my skin and I really hate static electricity, but thats just me. The mall is very big, and has so many places to see and visit that you need at least a few days to take it all in. Check out the official MOA website for a map of the place and other information.

I recommend visiting Bloomington, Minnesota – Mall of America, because of the convenient transportation to and from the mall, hotel, and airport, along with visiting a very unique, massive mall that has something for everyone.


This site is now up and flying! Will start to build up the blogs as I sort through pictures. Thanks for your patience!

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